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Amazon Prime Day Hidden Deal: 3 For The Price of 2 On Thousands Of Items

Prime Day is just a few days away, but there’s already been an excellent deal on Amazon leading up to the event. Thousands of items qualify for a “Get 3 for the price of 2” promotion.


For example, you can get Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection in 4K UHD ($153.99, already down from its launch price of $254.99 last year), Entourage: The Complete Series ($154.99 on Blu-Ray, not 4K), and a Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set with all seven books ($132.99), and the Harry Potter set is essentially free. Instead of a total of $441.97, you’ll pay 308.98 for all three items. [Prices as listed at time of this article’s publication.]


That is an extreme example taking advantage of higher priced items you might be interested in, but there are plenty of other options (particularly books and movies in the $10-$30 range) where you can use the 3 for the price of 2 deal.


There are some choices in the higher price range that can be included, like The Hobbit Trilogy in 4K, The Wire on Blu-Ray, and The Office on Blu-Ray.


Just keep in mind that the discount is calculated by the price of the item with the lowest cost. So say you want the Game of Thrones set and the Harry Potter books, but the third item you want is a $20 4K film. You’ll get the $20 movie for free, so it would not be as big of a saving as if you bought three high-priced items. Still, it’s not bad to essentially get a free book or movie if you wanted two higher-priced items—you probably shouldn’t spend on something you don’t really want (i.e. a third high-priced item) just to get more savings.


But you might be in luck if items on your wishlist fall under this promotion, especially if they are all around the same price range like the example above. Book readers and movie watchers in particular might want to take a look and see if anything they’ve been thinking about purchasing falls under this promotion.


Also, I tested this, and you can use the 3 for the price of 2 deal multiple times in a single order. For me, it worked best by grouping the items together in price tiers when adding them to the cart, so each group of three gets the best discount.


This is arguably the best time to shop on Amazon. Other retailers like Walmart and Target also offer similar promotions to compete with Prime Day.


Prime Day officially runs June 21 & 22.

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Big Mich
Big Mich
1 month ago

I wish there was one more big item I could add to GoT and Harry Potter series

1 month ago

Wow this is the best deal they have easily from what I’ve seen. Sharing with family


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