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Top Ten Tuesday: iPhone Features We Want To See In 2020

The new iPhone models released today with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, but if you aren’t someone that spends money on Apple’s newest product every year, you are probably looking towards 2020 for the big changes worth investing in. Here are ten features I want to see next September.


10. Seamless transitions between devices

Having photos, notes, messages, and more carry over between devices with iCloud obviously happens already, but improvements can be made. Especially with the new Apple Arcade, we should be able to pause/stop on an iPad or MacBook and pick right up on a mobile device without any delay.


9. Waterproof > water resistant

“Full” waterproof might not be possible, but speaking from experience, my iPhone has had issues with volume being muffled at times after getting wet despite not even being completely dunked in water. We should be able to reply to a message in the shower, for example, without worrying about minor water damage.


8. Volume buttons switch

This is probably the most controversial feature on the list—and it is highly unlikely to happen because Apple has a hardware formula that works for them—but those who often use their iPhone with one hand may find it more beneficial to have the volume buttons below the power button. If you have an iPhone, go ahead and try to see if you agree.


7. Advanced color options

The iPhone 11 Pro has an impressive “Midnight Green” option that took me by surprise, but there are still more color options that I think people would like. The Galaxy Note 10’s “Aura Glow” for example has become a quick favorite, but I’m actually interested in more of a dark navy blue that can still basically be neutral like Space Gray or Silver.


6. Flat back

Since the iPhone 8, Apple has gone in the opposite direction with high-powered cameras coming at the expense of a cleaner design, but soon enough, they’ll find a way to get everything below the glass like the flashlight was before the iPhone X dropped.


5. Apple “Family” Package

This is more of a strategy for Apple than an actual feature, but if the company really wanted to win over new customers, they should offer heavy discounts for a family that wants to switch over to not only iPhones, but also other Apple devices. For example, a family of four would get the 2020 iPhone models, maybe a couple of iPads for the kids, and a MacBook (the package could be fully customizable depending on what everyone wants) all at an affordable price.


4. Fully wireless charging

We never really got an explanation for Apple ditching the AirPower wireless charging mat earlier this year, but I think there will be a lot of unhappy people if the product (or something similar) isn’t released in 2020 along with what projects to be a significantly improved iPhone lineup.


3. Foldable model

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed shortly before launch due to product flaws, but the innovation shown is something Apple has lacked for years. Perhaps they can continue taking a large chunk of the market based on the iPhone brand and things like iMessage that would be tough to live without, but I hope the company has quietly been working on an Ironman-like model that is thin and foldable—it would certainly explain the lack of a big jump in recent years.


2. No notch

If the flat back feature is accomplished by getting all the cameras below the glass, there’s no reason the same can’t happen on the front. I know people that have refused to upgrade from their iPhone 8, iPhone 7, or even iPhone 6 because they hate the notch, and still having it in 2020 would be a massive disappointment.


1. Touch ID

Apple is rumored to be working on in-screen Touch ID for next year’s lineup, and for me, that would undoubtedly be the best possible “addition” as a supplement Face ID. Of course, I put “addition” in quotes because the feature was removed starting with the X, but I’m surely not alone in thinking the past got it right.

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Wtf is up with the cameras.. so ugly ugh.

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I shouldn’t be CEO.


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