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What We Want To See From The Next MacBook Pro

Apple’s WWDC earlier this week was a disappointment to many expecting the announcement of new MacBook Pros. However, the wait may be a good thing, and it could lead to better features being included in the product. These are the main things we’d like to see from the newest MacBook Pro on Apple’s own chips.


Better quality webcam

This one is more than long overdue and the most obvious feature that better be included on the new MacBook Pros, whenever they are released. Especially during a day and age where Zoom calls and other video chats have become somewhat of a standard, MacBook’s simply must get better webcams. We’re not asking for 4K quality, but full HD (1080p) needs to happen.


OLED or MicroLED screen

There are rumors that Apple is having a hard time getting Mini-LED screens produced for the 2021 MacBook Pro releases. However, a clear step above Mini-LED would be OLED or MicroLED. Hopefully Tim Cook and company have been able to keep their screen plans secret, but don’t expect OLED or MicroLED for their laptop screen quite yet—but it’s something we can look forward to down the line.



Apple has gone with USB-C for charging with recent laptops, but just about everyone would probably love it if they go back to their MagSafe option. The primary practical benefit of MagSafe is quite simple: You shouldn’t trip over the wire and/or wreck your laptop by causing it to fall while plugged in. The MagSafe typically comes unplugged harmlessly, with no damage to yourself or to your valuable hardware.


HDMI port

Not many people would want to have to have an adapter to use HDMI with a MacBook Pro in 2021. It sounds like the HDMI port will be brought back, which is welcome news. Yes, features like AirPlay make HDMI unnecessary for many, but a wired connection is necessary at times, particularly for older flatscreen televisions without built-in AirPlay or an Apple TV connected.


Black color option

You can throw white in here too, like some of the classic iPods. But black is more fitting for a laptop and would no doubt be a popular choice for a new color option on the MacBook Pros. Matte black is seemingly well-received for just about any product, and it’d be a strong third choice to go along with Space Gray and Silver.


Titanium option

But perhaps more important than color, getting a titanium MacBook Pro would be amazing. Titanium is a very strong material, but it’s also very light (you might remember hearing about Batman’s titanium-dipped aspects of his suit in The Dark Knight). If it’s good enough to protect Batman, it’s more than good enough for our laptops.

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8 days ago

Titanium please.


Are you sure you want to stop your Fantasy Consigliere from auto-renewal?